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Remote Desktop yes yes yes
Remote Shell yes yes yes
Upload and Download Files yes yes yes
Load and Run Script yes yes yes
Information System yes yes yes
Send Keys yes yes yes
Clipboard yes yes yes
Fun (Restart, Shutdown, Visit WebSite, Execute Command Shell, etc) yes yes yes
Send Messages yes yes yes
Keylogger Online yes yes yes
Multi Platform no yes yes
In Development no yes yes
Recovery Password (Firefox, Chrome) no no yes
Keylogger Offline no no yes
File Browser no no yes
Capture Camera no no yes
Process List no no yes
Data Loss Prevention no no yes
Multitasking (MultiThread) no no yes
Progress Bars Work no no yes
Encrypted Configuration File. no no yes
Send and receive files without size limit no no yes
Encrypted Communication (AES) no no yes
Support no no yes
Source Code Available yes no no
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