Adzok Remote administration tool, multi platform, developed in Java, download Adzok Open and Adzok Free or buy now Adzok Pro. en-US New Adzok Pro v2.30 02 Sep 2018 12:00:00 Adzok_5
New changes to our update policy and FUD.
  • Update: Free updates for 5 year.
  • FUD: FUD for 5 year.


Keylogger now supports 64-bit operating system.

All configuration files and libraries will be installed in the current directory of the Server.

The libraries were added to recover passwords of Firefox, Chrome.

New size software: 20 MB - Server: 80 KB

Se envio una copia gratis a todos nuestros clientes que compraron Adzok Pro desde la version 2.0.2

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