Feb 11, 2017

New Adzok Pro v2.2.0
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May 21, 2013

New Adzok Free v1.0.0.3 More Info

Mar 12, 2012

New Adzok Open v1.0.0.2 More Info

Adzok Free

Adzok Free was based on Adzok Open, is the issue that will continue to develop Adzok Open. Adzok Free code will be closed but notifications.

Last Version: Adzok Free v1.0.0.3 (May 2013)
File: Adzok_Free_v1.0.0.3.jar
Size: 477 KB
Operating System: Windows



Virtual Machine: Java (Free Download)

Screenshots (v1.0.0.3)

Main Desktop

Main Window - Adzok Free
(Click on the picture to see more grand)

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop - Adzok Free
(Click on the picture to see more grand)

Remote Shell

Remote Shell - Adzok Free
(Click on the picture to see more grand)

Build Server

Adzok Pro Build
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Main Features

  • Remote Desktop.
  • Remote Shell.
  • Upload and Download Files.
  • Keylogger Online. (Only Windows)
  • Send Messages.
  • Load and Run Script.
  • Information System.
  • Send Keys.
  • Clipboard.
  • Fun (Restart, Shutdown, Visit WebSite, Execute Command Shell, etc).

Client Features

  • Monotasking (MonoThread): you can only use one function at a time.
  • Listen in 3 ports.
  • All client-server communication (sending or receiving information) is performed by a single port.
  • Do not all progress bars work.
  • No installation required.
  • Reverse connection system.
  • Unlimited connections.
  • Download folder for each user.
  • Independent of the operating system.
  • Generator server.
  • Uninstaller server.

Server Features

  • Single server for all operating systems.
  • Visible or invisible to the user.
  • Skip firewalls and antivirus.
  • Send and receive files with size limit of 54 MB.
  • Independent of the operating system.
  • Size server: 53 KB.


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